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Model Agency Grupo ICCA & PHK San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Telefon: xx (506) 7122 3754
Modelagentur in Deutschland, Agencia Modelos en Costa Rica, Model Agency in America
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Casting in Costa Rica
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 Artist, Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Spokesman, Announcers, Musician...

CASTING: new Models sought, now registers here!

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The model agency for Models from Central America and Europe since 1999

Group ICCA & PHK offers all people the possibility, to present themselves on CD with clip, text and original tone for different castings.

The daily TV-series require a multitude of female and male performers for the leading man, to small performers, up to the extra.

Also a multiple of films and series, that come from foreign countries must be synchronized. In addition speakers are sought, who can give the film star a voice. Just as radio stations take action, to reinforce casting agencies in order to find speakers for broadcasting.

For catalogues and many other subjects, are male and female Models sought, in large quantities of all age.

Therefore it lies more closely, that every computer owner is easily accessible to arrange it's casting-databank. Naturally clip and tone don't replace a personal impression, but the first impression is often a decided preselection. Therefore, a possibility is offered here for all interested, to present itself in clip and tone on CD.


These are the areas that Group ICCA & PHK share out.
For the entry there is only a small contribution for digitalization and marketing. The further game regulations are held very simple. Everyone who would like to be received at WORLD-CASTING, must fill out a corresponding questionnaire for one's area, and send it in together with your clip and tone examples

The advantage of Group ICCA & PHK - WORLD CASTING speaks for itself.
The service is committed only with slight costs.
Potential clients can inform themselves about your personal offer.
The decider can anonymously observe or listen to the files.
When the first impression is positive, one can make direct contact by phone.


Group ICCA & PHK - WORLD-CASTING welcomes all Photographers,
Advertise studios, people from Film and TV.

With WORLD-CASTING became created, an electronic database on CD-ROM, which will create you fast contact to new Photomodels and comparatives. The access to the data base of WORLD-CASTING, enables on simpliest and straightforward wise mutual desired success. Equal whether regional,national or international. In our data base you find the suitable Model for every use. Browse at your ease through the to you offered sites. Look at the models at your leisure, read the setcard, study the characteristic. So you get the first impression of the registered Models. Certainly you find what you look for. The first contact is quickly made. Either you contact the Model directly on ( she puts her address,email- address or in advance) or you turn to Group ICCA & PHK - WORLD-CASTING. We lead immediately your request further. In this case it remains to the Model, to get in touch with you.

Group ICCA & PHK is a leading enterprise in international Model business. To discover unforgettable and expressive Models, to organize perfect fashion shows is the motto of Group ICCA & PHK. We provide that, by fashion show coaching with World class level Models, as well as by using the most modern technical equipment for a perfect fashion show.

Group ICCA & PHK controles a network of Photographers, Stylists and Cosmeticians, concerning the ideal possibility, to enable the experienced Models to model. To model as a summer job, sideline or student job.

Group ICCA & PHK offers you as client, a Model data base from CD-ROM with selected Models and unique expressive faces. With our CD-ROM the Model agency group ICCA & PHK offers you to mediate for single performance, Models aimed for photoshootings and catwalk events. We have daily new interesting challenges to offer.

Basically, the Model agency group ICCA & PHK and casting agency, search also for Models of all experience classes. Models with little experience get a good chance with us, to become discovered and booked. Therewith Group ICCA & PHK offers novice the chance, to gain experience in front of the camera. With this concept mediates Group ICCA & PHK, Models throughout Europe and Central America, from novices to professionals with long term camera experience.

The offer forms a complete whole of the Model agency, by interesting cooperation with other Model agencies, and Partnerships with Cosmeticians, Photographers and Hairstylists.

Group ICCA & PHK promises, the in the Set-Card indicated data to transmit on the CD-ROM. The client cerify oneself expressly agreed, that Group ICCA & PHK undertake the from his generated CD-ROM, will offer the media industry with which artists whose data is stored on the CD-ROM, may get in touch with.

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Modelos de Alemania


Modelos de Costa Rica


Models from Germany


Casting in Deutschland


Models from Costa Rica

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Models from America

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Models, Künstler... in Deutschland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Frankreich und andere Länder
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